About My Paintings

Seascapes to Landscapes, Rocks to Reflections.

Much of my work portrays the beauty of Galloway and the Solway coast of South West Scotland which I know well through a passion for walking. Immersed in painting, I feel the sea air or mountain breeze, and love to convey those impressions, mainly with strong attention to light and with naturalistic, vibrantly fresh colours. All of my paintings are about the natural world. Some themes are more abstract, such as “Reflections” and “Sea Spirits”, while the seascapes and landscapes are more representational, aiming for recognition in terms of location and a sense of “being there”. I enjoy the changing mood and light and the distant allure of the horizon, and, more recently, elements of the foreground detail. In oils, I prefer to paint quickly, “alla prima”, as the immediacy corresponds well to the fresh outdoor subjects. Detail is carefully added in so as not to overwhelm, but to enhance texture and perspective, and I subtly transform locations for an effective composition, to bring out something of interest or to heighten a feeling of connection.
Recently I have also been exploring mountain heights in the English Lake District, where giddy viewpoints, rapidly changing atmosphere and cloud shadow are so dramatic and really attract me. A wander-lust is emerging in these mountain paintings, which I am keen to inspire in the onlooker!

Shadows at Mossyard